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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July singles

This month's singles may start out soft, but we'll build to the fireworks.

Teengirl Fantasy - End (from Tracer, due August 2012)

Let's ease into the July Singles and beat the heat with some chill electronica. Teengirl Fantasy spins out an atmospheric groove on End, weaving an organic mix of washes and scattered melodic notes. Like a glossy Xanax hit, the deliberately paced surface doesn't hide the seething tension below. It just chooses to ignore it. Beautiful oblivion.

Fools For Rowan - Killed a Man Today (from Who Killed Amanda Day?)

"Fools For Rowan" conjures up some kind of trad-folk image, but this Nashville quintet are at the opposite extreme. The opening of Killed a Man Today sets up a great modern rock drive before slipping into full-on power ballad. Erin Mullins sings within the eye of a hurricane. Her voice is grounded even as she soars for notes and she seems unruffled by the power of the music. The band's riffs are solid, but I'd like the guitar to be a touch more forward.

Aerosmith - Legendary Child (from Music From Another Dimension, due August 2012)

Too much is never enough. Hard rocking Aerosmith has made an art out of bombast. Their secret, though, is that they can take a joke or maybe even be in on it. Their new single, Legendary Child, delivers on both counts and does not disappoint. The 75 second movie trailer intro is over the top, but it does include the classic line "This is a story. The story of Aerosmith. Done by girls on roller skates. How fucking cool is that?" Amusingly cool, I'd say.

Legendary Child dates back 21 years to the Get a Grip sessions, which explains why the track captures Aerosmith's classic sound. Between the lyrical references to the band's past and the reignited band chemistry, it indicates a much needed reboot for the band, resulting in the new album and this summer's Global Warming Tour.

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