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Monday, October 22, 2012

Front Range - Recommended shows 10/22

Soft, hard, and all over the map: music this week on the Front Range.

24 October (Bluebird Theater, Denver CO)
Freelance Whales

It's been a couple of years since I last saw Freelance Whales. They were touring behind the indie folk grooves of Weathervanes. While the album had a gentle sound, blending acoustic and electronic elements, their live show was looser and more dynamic. Their new album, Diluvia, is out and appears to extend their sweet, earnest sounds.

24 October (Casselman's, Denver CO)
12 Stones

There are many paths to spiritual enlightenment and I'd be the last person to strongly advocate for or against any particular one. That said, I'll admit to a bit of a prejudice against Christian rock. I don't have a high tolerance for preachiness and the genre is generally short on subtlety. But 12 Stones haven't raised my hackles. They offer up a driving alternative hard-rock that gets your feet tapping and your fist pumping. Their latest single, Psycho, has great energy without any kind of judgmental message.

27 October (Fillmore Auditorium, Denver CO)
Beats Antique

With Contraption Vol. 2 (review) out, Beats Antique continue delivering a great mix of electronic and analog sounds that explore a world of rhythms and scales. Their live show adds depth to that music with a full stage production including phenomenal choreography. The Fillmore will become an exotic oasis for a heady night of musical abandon.

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