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Monday, October 8, 2012

Front Range - Recommended shows, 10/8

Rock, progressive jams, or electronica - whatever your choice, it's a good week for music on the Front Range

9 October (Ogden Theatre, Denver CO)
10 October (Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins CO)
Aimee Mann

From new wave girl to sharp witted singer/songwriter, Aimee Mann became a hipster favorite. While that crowd may have locked on to her DIY attitude, the bottom line is that she's a great writer who can get deep and personal, find the perfect turn of phrase, and back it with a good indie rock sound.

12 October (Hi-Dive)
El Ten Eleven

I caught El Ten Eleven this past February (review) and was blown away. This duo packs a full band sound. Kristian Dunn uses his double neck guitar/bass and a collection of looping gear to build insistent grooves and prog-flavored jams. Where other loop centered bands seem to slip into their own heads trying to keep everything rolling, Dunn turns it all into a kind of stage dance. Even the most jaded music fan will be amazed.

13 October (Boulder Theater, Boulder CO)
14 October (Aggie Theatre, Ft. Collins CO)

Electronic musician and producer Govinda made my top albums list last year because of his heady mix of world beat and electronica. It turns out that gypsy scale violins and synth bass grind fit together nicely.  On this tour, Govinda will be opening for Ott. and the All Seeing I, who meld electronic and analog instruments into trippy grooves.

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