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Monday, October 15, 2012

Front Range - Recommended shows, 10/15

These three acts couldn't be more different. Get rattled at Dinosaur Jr., enjoy the quirky string sounds of Rasputina, or trip out to Flying Lotus - any of these shows beat sitting around the house!

15 October (Bluebird Theater, Denver CO)
Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.'s new album, I Bet On Sky (review) has all the cleansing noise the band is known for. So, the new songs will mesh well with the older material they're sure to bring out. For all of the egos and attitude, they remain one of the great alt rock bands.

17 October (Bluebird Theater, Denver CO)

I haven't seen this band yet, but I'm enthralled by their mix of cello centered arrangements, rock/pop sensibility, Gothic stage look, and dark lyrical themes. With songs like Transylvania Concubine and Holocaust of Giants, they promise an interesting set of music.

18 October (Ogden Theatre, Denver CO)
Flying Lotus

FlyLo has just released his latest album, Until The Quiet Comes, which shifts his poly-rhythmic experimentation away the frantic pace of his last album. Jazz music, R&B, electronica, and psychedelia all fall under the sway of his mad beats. Come out and catch the electronic grooves.

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