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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cool art - Girl Walk // All Day (2012)

This is not a review, per se. Rather than analyze or interpret, I want to recommend a cool project I came across recently. Jacob Krupnick created Girl Walk // All Day as a feature length dance video. He funded the film through Kickstarter, whose audience supported the vision.

Anchored by Girl Talk's All Day (review here) as the soundtrack, the film builds a story around three very different dancers on a collision course. Anne Marsen (The Girl), Dai Omiya (The Gentleman), and John Doyle (The Creep) each bring their own style and expressive flavor.

The magic moment that hooked me was in the first section, during the ballet class. The Girl is late and not fitting in. Then the ambient sound and piano fade down, the black and white shifts to color and Oh No kicks in with the punch of Black Sabbath's War Pigs sample. That energy shift was incredible and Marsen's physicality sold it.

Check out the trailer and drop by their site to watch all of Girl Walk // All Day and donate.

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