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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June singles

More singles, more sounds!

Legoland Empire - Guard the Point

Guard the Point is the title track from a new 4 song EP from Legoland Empire. While the other tracks seem more experimental, this one caught my fancy. Its starts with a slight electronic sound, but quickly settles into a jazz fusion vibe. The loose collection of musicians from across the 'net channels a Jeff Beck style groove, albeit with fewer pyrotechnics. The organ work even reminds me a bit of Jan Hammer.

Like Beck, Legoland Empire builds their groove without descending into random noodling or cold technical braggadocio. Guard the Point is nice, atmospheric jam.

Listen/buy any of the tracks from Guard the Point on BandCamp.

Pursesnatchers - Wet Cement (A Pattern Language, due out July 19)

Pursesnatchers is centered around the husband and wife team of Doug Marvin (Dirty on Purpose) and Annie Hart (Au Revoir Simone). They've filled out their home recording sound with a full band. Next month, they'll be releasing their new album, A Pattern Language on Uninhabitable Mansions

The secret to Wet Cement's compelling sound is the blend of a tight musical foundation with the looser sound of low-fi guitar and casual vocals. The background echo trap of guitar both hazes out the corners of the track and coats the surface like a mid-range flannel treatment. And like well worn flannel, it's a comfortable sounding, low key song. In contrast, the other instruments provide a solid indie rock beat, a simple bass, and a clean keyboard line.

Download Wet Cement from Paste Magazine.

Ki: Theory - Holiday Heart

A big beat and a groovy indie keyboard line anchors Holiday Heart. It's a nicely executed pop song that builds up an impressive collection of layered details that gradually fill out the track to its edges. Ki: Theory's deft touch makes sure that these details mesh together with the basic groove without overwhelming the breathy flow of the song.

Ki:Theory (Joel Burleson) is known for his DJ and production work on remixes for Daft Punk and others. But he also records his own music, mixing electronic and indie rock elements. The single merges both his worlds, backing up Holiday Heart with a remix of UNKLE's Natural Selection.

CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock (from La LiberaciĆ³n, due Aug 22)

Brazil's CSS packs Hits Me Like a Rock with bouncy pop energy. The retro stylings of a disco beat and ABBA style pop bubble together with modern dance floor electro funk. That balance suits Hits Me Like a Rock for the club scene or pop radio. CSS's Brazilian roots show in the swing of the rhythm syncopation.

The beat and infectious bounce set this up to be a perfect track for remixing. Fortunately, the full single addresses this right out the gate with remixes by Dillon Francis and Mad Decent’s digital dance purveyors Depressed Buttons.

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