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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CD review - MTHDS, the methods (2010)

The party boys have grown up. A year and a half ago, I reviewed the MTHDS' Music That Heightens Different Senses EP as a nice slice of party music. Since then, they've spent some time in a quality studio and recorded some better songs. While their EP was good, the methods has smoother flow, much better lyrics, tight music, and a cleaner sound. Even the two older songs, Riot (called Riot Joint on the EP) and Wicked Style, benefit from the improved sound. The shame is that they don't have a label promoting their stuff, because they should be bigger. Several of these songs are just as good as the Flobots, another regional favorite.

The album starts out strong, with Rise. First the organ, then a rocking electric guitar pound out a retro rock groove before smoothly dropping when the vocal comes in. Donald Dillionare lays out some velvet lyrical flow:
Sometimes, it ain't the what but the who you know
So allow me to reintroduce my flow
The Don Dilly say hello, mucha gusta to the crew you know
Also fools you don't
After the intro section, the lyrical them is about reaching and growth. The organ and guitar fills make sure that no one forgets that this is a real band, not just a backing track.

A couple of songs later, Time creates a De La Soul style jazz rap groove. It's all built on top of a sparkly arpeggiated guitar riff and a jazzy syncopated drum beat. Even though there's a laid back vibe, the drums and vocal delivery keep an intense pace. The echo-laden guitar solo evokes a taste of Eric Johnson before drifting into a dub-like dreamy section.

the methods is a more serious take on life than their earlier EP. Aside from those tracks, Brand New Life takes three brief sketches of story and brings them together, to reflect a larger theme. But there are still some good party tunes, like Uppers and Downers.

If this music sounds interesting to you, stop by their website, where you can download the album and donate to the cause of supporting good music. Raise a toast of some Fat Tire for the band.

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  1. They will have label backing shortly.

  2. I'm glad to hear that. They deserve a wider audience.

  3. Indeed. Thanks for the great review! These guys are on the way up for sure.