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Monday, September 3, 2012

Front Range - Recommended shows, 9/3

This week we have a few smaller name groups coming to the Front Range, but it should still be a week of fairly interesting shows.

5 September (Gothic Theatre, Denver CO)

WHY? finds an intriguing path. If They Might Be Giants were just getting their start, they might find a similar blend. WHY? has a similar quirky streak driven by their earnest, simple vocals and abstract lyrics. But their musical inspiration is more contemporary, with influences of dream pop, electronic washes, and indie rock. Their new album, Mumps, Etc. is due out next month.

6 September (Cervantes Masterpiece, Denver CO)

Oakhurst fuses unbridled bluegrass with country rock elements. The bluegrass generally dominates, but the band still has a good sense of boogie. In any given the song, the flurries of mandolin notes may give way to the sweet pedal tones of the electric guitar. Rootsy rock bliss.

8 September (Larimer Lounge, Denver CO)
The Knux

Krispy and Joey Lindsey are loosely aligned with alternative hip hop, with solid rap skills. But their backing music is rock and pop focused, revealing a balanced collection of influences. Even on a rap heavy track like Bang! Bang!, the music makes a strong contribution, with jagged guitar riffs and an uptempo Cure style groove.

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