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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Singles

Three very different flavors this month.

Santigold - Disparate Youth (from Master of My Make Believe, due 1 May)

Santigold has offered a couple of tastes from the eagerly awaiting Master of My Make Believe. The latest, Disparate Youth, sets its electro pop hook quickly, but has plenty of nice edges to keep it interesting. Her casual vocals give the track a reflective vibe that fits the trancy repetitive keyboards. The light dusting of chank beat keys are a nod to Jamaica, where she did some of the recording.

Zambri - ICBYS (from House of Baasa, due 10 April)

ICBYS (I Can Believe You Said) sets a frenetic pace. Zambri has crossed Missing Persons style synth pop with David Bowie's Scary Monsters and packed it with a dance friendly beat. The duo's manic vocals move beyond quirky to take on a disturbed quality that meshes well with the thick sound, full of noisy artifacts.

Download the track at Stereogum.

Spanish Prisoners - Know No Violence (from Gold Fools)

Spanish Prisoners - Know No Violence (official music video) from Spanish Prisoners on Vimeo.

Pretty dream pop guitar sets a relaxed mood for Know No Violence. Autumn Stein's dancing late in the video is the perfect expression of the subtle joy infusing this track. The sweet falsetto vocals hint at pretty secrets with a wistful tone. I'm looking forward to listening to Gold Fools to see if Spanish Prisoners can deliver on their self described genre of "tremolo-haze headphone symphonies". Gold Fools is available for "name your price" at their Bandcamp page.
Wait with me, forget your silence
You and I will know no violence...

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