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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CD review - Ducky, The Whether EP (2012)

Unsettled and unsettling, Ducky's electronica evokes darkness and tension

Moody is not a strong enough word. Like soundtracks to David Lynchian film clips, the songs on The Whether sound like they're under glass. A thick layer separates the music from mundane reality. Nothing is quite as it's supposed to be. Unsettled and unsettling, Ducky's production digs its way under your skin. Her lazy vocals are nice, but the loops and processing are phenomenal.

The standout track is the eerie I Want to Die. Cut up vocal samples and looped background create a horrorshow tension. It's an uncomfortable thrill. Ducky's languid vocals sound detached, yet threatening.
Wake up, start the day
Anger lives inside of me
Tempt me, no I won't
Cause beauty lives inside your bones
A mild dubstep throb adds a psychotic distance...or is it a drugged disconnect? It seems like it should be emotionally charged, but the production drains that engagement leaving a sense of tension and a memory that's never quite grasped.

Ducky's electronic palette is smeared with lazy beats, club sparkles, and electro pop dreaminess, but her muse leads her into a darker headspace. Masochism, soul, and surrender all find a home here.

Drop by thewhetherep.com to see her video interpretations of the tracks or download
Overdose, whose groove is anchored by the looped sound of a retro AM radio as sampled vocalizations ping pong in the background.

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