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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Front Range recommended shows, 3/17

A couple of great shows this week:

Friday, 21 March (Hodi's Half Note, Ft. Collins CO)
Saturday, 22 March (Cervantes Other Side, Denver CO)
That 1 Guy

041 That1GuyEvery time I catch one man band Mike Silverman, I walk away amazed. His playful stage presence, wacky presentation, and silly song topics may set him up as a novelty, but his incredible musicality, showmanship, and ass-shaking grooves make him impossible to dismiss. Whether performing alone or pairing up with Buckethead as the Frankenstein Brothers, That 1 Guy is guaranteed to entertain.

Keep an ear out for his new album, Poseidon's Deep Water Adventure Friends, which was just released (review coming soon)

Friday, 21 March (Herman's Hideaway,  Denver CO)
Saturday, 22 March (Boulder Theater, Boulder CO)

After a 17 year break in regular touring and four years of putting the group to bed, the subdudes are back and making the rounds with the original lineup. So far, it's a fairly short tour: these two Colorado shows and another in New Orleans this May. If anything, that makes this even more of a special event.

The subdudes' rootsy Americana rock was a party mainstay for me back in the '90s, providing a soundtrack of good times and great friends. Their music works because it doesn't matter if you're just dancing away to the solid syncopation or settling into some deep listening; the songs work in either context.

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