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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Front Range recommended shows, 2/17

It's time to kick out the jams. Each of this week's picks offer evenings full of expansive music.

Thursday, 20 February (Aggie Theatre, Ft. Collins CO)
Friday, 21 February (Aggie Theatre, Ft. Collins CO)
Elephant Revival

The band is grounded with sturdy folk roots, but the delicate harmonies and transcendent melodies reach for the sky. Their music is richly layered, both sonically and stylistically. Their recordings, like the recent release, These Changing Skies, are perfectly balanced aural sculptures, but their live performances are even more magical. This two day stay at the Aggie will be full if not sold out, but well worth the time. Later this month, on February 25, they'll also be playing at the Boulder Theater for an E-Town taping.

Friday, 21 February (Fox Theatre, Boulder CO)

141 El Ten Eleven After seeing El Ten Eleven live, you're likely to wonder how many brains Kristian Dunn has. He has to have some kind of distributed network going on to keep track of everything he's doing. He juggles guitar, bass, live looping, and a host of effects. Where a lot of loopers will carefully setup their bass and guitar lines, Dunn often plays both on the fly, dancing all the time. That alone is worth the price of admission, but Tim Fogarty adds his own special sauce with acoustic and digital drums along with the occasional synth touches. Sudden time signature changes and crystalline modal playing can give some songs a math rock feel, but the next musical turn can open into cinematic richness, U2-style textures, or wild post-rock rides. I guarantee you will be amazed.

Saturday, 22 February (Boulder Theater, Boulder CO)
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Karl Denson has established himself as one of the premier sax players around. He has an incredibly deep understanding of jazz across its evolution, but it's particularly impressive to see how he has adapted that to bring a jazz spark of risk-taking improvisation to a host of other contexts. Funk, jam grass, soul, and rock -- he spreads himself across the musical spectrum. His band Tiny Universe is full of equally talented players. This show at the Boulder Theater is billed as a "Ray Charles Boogaloo Dance Party." Count on Denson to take Charles' R&B and soul into other exciting realms.

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