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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Front Range recommended shows, 11/11

Thursday, 14 November (Cervantes Masterpiece, Denver CO)
The Green

Word association time: Rock? Steady! One? Drop? Reggae? Hawaii! That's right, Hawaii. That's where The Green call their home turf. It's a long way from Jamaica, but think of them as sister island paradises. The Green lay a solid, soulful reggae vibe that any true fan will immediately recognize. Their most recent release, Hawai'i 13, is their second out on Easy Star Records and it shows a band settling into their own with sweet vocal arrangements and comfortable grooves.

Wednesday, 13 November (Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder CO)
Thursday, 14 November (Bluebird Theater, Denver CO)
Thomas Dolby

It's been a long time since "she blinded me with science." Thomas Dolby's latest project is an intriguing multimedia performance, The Invisible Lighthouse. Dolby shot a biographical/historical film that touches on his personal connection to a particular place. He then performs a mix of Spaulding Grey-like story telling and live music along with the film. The live and pre-made material take turns augmenting one another.

Friday, 15 November (Bluebird Theater, Denver CO)
Blitzen Trapper

Five years ago, Blitzen Trapper waltzed onto the scene as Indie darlings. Furr was one of the most hyped albums of the season. Depending on your take, it was a solemn tribute or derivative copy. Regardless, it showed a band with an interesting aesthetic and enough ego to sell it. Since then, they've shifted sounds like a rudderless project. Their latest, VII, seems to have taken them back to their popular roots.

I'm suspicious when a band reinvents itself, but all of the sounds they've explored along the way suggest that the live show could get very interesting,

Friday, 15 November (Cervantes - both sides, Denver CO)
Fall Shredded Beats featuring Nas

I had originally picked this show because Mos Def was slated to headline a night of art and hip-hop featuring a host of bands and painter/urban artist Justin Bua. Unfortunately, Mos Def cancelled out. But in a major coup, the organizers scored the legendary Nas to cover the show. What was going to be a small, intimate show on Cervantes Other Side expanded to include the Masterpiece Ballroom, too. Even with the expansion, this will be a small venue to showcase such a master emcee. This should be an amazing evening.

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