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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Front Range recommended shows, 10/28

First off, I'll offer a moment of silence to honor Lou Reed. His voice and mind were unique in the world of rock 'n' roll. Punk enough to make his guitar convey the messy turmoil within his heart, but philosophical in how he approached his music with intellectual rigor. He'll be missed

. . .

Wednesday, 30 October (Gothic Theatre, Denver CO)
Living Colour

I don't know why, but I'm still a sucker for hard rocking bands from the past. Vernon Reid forced his way into my pantheon of great guitarists when I first heard his playing on "Cult of Personality". The rest of the band were equally impressive, with Corey Glover conveying a punk edge with his vocals, Doug Wimbish's amazing funky bass work, and Will Calhoun melding it together with rhythmic precision. This tour, the band is reprising their entry into the charts by performing their first album, Vivid, in concert.

Thursday, 31 October (Gothic Theatre, Denver CO)
Friday, 1 November (Boulder Theater, Boulder CO)

DeVotchKa is hard to categorize, but their Gypsy cabaret is always a great show. While earlier this year, they performed with Amanda Palmer and the Colorado Symphony, these shows focus on the band alone. Given the choice, I'd recommend the Halloween show at the Gothic - it should be thoroughly bewitching. But either show is a great chance to catch this local band making it big. Get out there and savor the rich musical world they've woven from genres that cross time and space.

Saturday, 2 November (Cervantes Other Side, Denver CO)
Whiskey Blanket

Ever since I first heard Whiskey Blanket's unique mix of hip-hop and live musical backing, I've been a fan. Cello and violin find themselves far from home in the band's rap songs, but what seems like a gimmick soon reveals itself as an intriguing musical texture. I've reviewed the band's shows and albums before, but this Saturday show will combine the two. This is their release party for a new CD, From the Dead of Dark. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I've checked out the album trailer to get a little taste. I am excited to hear how the band has developed their sound.

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