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Monday, June 11, 2012

Front Range - Recommended shows, 6/11

There's some chance the Mishawaka shows will be canceled due to the High Park fire, northwest of Ft. Collins. Hopefully, they'll get things under control before any more houses or people are directly damaged.

15 Jun 2012 (Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue CO)
7 Walkers featuring Bill Kreutzman
Pimps of Joytime

Bill Kreutzman has put together an amazing band that joins his Grateful Dead background with solid New Orleans funk. Grateful Dead lyricist has also contributed songs to 7 Walkers. This should be an amazing show, especially with The Pimps of Joytime opening. PoJT bring a veneration of old school funk masters and a modern angle with hip hop and Latin influences.

16 Jun 2012 (Boulder Theater, Boulder CO)
17 Jun 2012 (Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue CO)
Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson is a powerhouse guitar player with a droll, dark wit. From his early days with Fairport Convention, through his work with his ex-wife Linda Thompson, to his longtime solo work, Thompson has developed into a true player's player. His style is influenced by Celtic folk, skiffle music, jazz, and rock, but this has swirled together into a unique voice.

17 Jun 2012 (Ogden Theatre, Denver CO)

Ministry are back together with a new album (Relapse). They're bringing their heavy industrial metal grind to Denver for a cathartic noise therapy session. The bit of new material I've heard fits well with the band's dark driving music. It's going to be a loud night!

Denver band, the Overcasters will be one of the opening acts. I haven't caught them since they opened for Sleepy Sun.

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