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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January singles

Here are a few recent singles that crossed my inbox and grabbed my ears.

Quiet Lights - No More Canyons (7" disc and digital download, due out Feb 15, 2011)
Hazy swells of dense sound build during the start of No More Canyons until the thundering wall of guitars avalanche onto the track. It's moody post rock, with a dreamy vibe. Echoes of Sigur Ros reverberate through this cathartic track.

Quiet Lights is releasing the track digitally and on vinyl (backed with Break Trouble Wait) on Feb 15. Download it here.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Sister Wife mini LP, due out 3/2011)

The pure innocence of early '60s girl groups (the Ronnettes, et al.) coupled to modern rhythm sound of today's pop. The lyrics add a touch of subversion as they tackle polygamist jealousy. The bouncy pop vibe is fresh, even as it refers back to Motown. Alex Winston is charming and her voice is beguiling.

Keep an ear out for the upcoming Sister Wife mini LP (HeavyRoc) due out in March. Download it here.

Amanda Palmer - Map of Tasmania (Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, out now)

Uke strumming, genre hopping Amanda Palmer continues her solo hiatus from the Dresden Dolls. Her new album, Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under just came out January 21 and the first official video is for Map of Tasmania. While the song is billed as a fight for pubic hair freedom (the title is a slang Australian reference), the tongue in cheek video is a playful romp. Informed by Lady Gaga and Madonna before here, Palmer takes it over the top in a sillier direction. "They don't play this song on the radio..." No, and they won't show the merkins (pubic wigs) either, but that's what YouTube is for.

The dance beat, attitude, and, yes, ukulele all make this a fun video.

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