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Monday, August 9, 2010

CD review - Young Man, Boy (2010)

There's a common theme here: Young Man (Colin Caulfield) is releasing a concept album, Boy, about the the trials and experiences of a 5 year old boy. At around 30 minutes, this EP covers its subject well. The opening song, Five, is distant, retro, and sort of folky. Its simple musical sound reflects a child's perspective. The lyrics capture that serious weight that I remember my own son showing occasionally:

My life has changed forever
Now that I've grown a year
But, boy, do I find that I'm feeling quite the same
Now that I'm all grown up
When can we leave cause I'm feeling quite ashamed
Now that I'm all grown up
Sure, there's some of the adult looking back in those lines, but that "Now that I'm all grown up" is perfect.

The rest of the EP occasionally throws in some electronic elements to expand on the simple guitar sound, but that just sets the hook for the mood that Young Man is creating. There's a paradox here. Boy tries to show the simplicity that we see in the subject, yet still catch the depth that's actually there even if we don't remember or notice it.

My favorite song is Just a Growin', which has revels in a faint psychedelia vibe. The rhythm is interesting and the parts build a more dreamy pop feel. The harmonies are a nice touch, reminding me of It's A Beautiful Day, while the guitar during the break evokes an aura of Jerry Garcia.

Boy is a nice musical interlude to add some distance to all of your adult problems. Relax and let it wash over you. How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

Boy is releasing August 24 on Frenchkiss Records.

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