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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Music news - Radio Moscow meltdown

Hey, hey, my, my
Rock and roll will never die
Hang your hair down in your eye
You'll make a million dollars
-- Todd Snider Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
It's hard for small bands to get any attention. The lesson of Lady Gaga is that the internet needs spectacle. So, this blurb about Radio Moscow falling apart onstage has been making the rounds. Much like Todd Snider's "band that wasn't even together", Radio Moscow dissolved at the start of their North American tour. According the press, the drummer hurled frontman Parker Griggs' own guitar into Griggs' face.

Ouch. Poor guy! 14 stitches in the emergency room and he's left in the lurch when his drummer and bass player desert the tour. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. At least he's already found replacement players because The Show Must Go On.

Of course, the spectacle was all captured on video:

Far from bolstering sympathy for Griggs, the video shows him provoking the attack when he threw his guitar at the drummer Cory Berry and his drum kit. From the witness reports, Griggs was trash talking the band well before the ugly set closer.

In a cynical world, no press is bad press - but this kind of lame acting out isn't going to win Griggs or his new line up any fans. It's a shame, Radio Moscow has made some good music in the past.

Best of luck to Parker Griggs' new bandmates. Be ready to dodge!

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